Short Term Rentals – The Most Common Types

What are short-term rentals? These are apartments and homes that are rented for a very short time, usually less than 12 months. Sometimes even one month. There are many short-term rentals available on the housing market. Some of the most popular include sublets and corporate housing.

Sublets are the most popular type of short-term rental. The sublet is where the original renter signs the lease, and another person takes over the rental and pays the rent. This sublet does not require a lease agreement. If you are looking for short-term rentals for your stay then you can check this link right here now and rent one for yourself.

Short-term rentals

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There are also several other types of sublets is available in the market. This is where the original renter takes their name off the lease and gives it to another person. Sometimes the original renter does not want to live in the apartment they signed. In these cases, the subleaser takes over the lease from its original occupant. 

Sublets are often considered great deals as the renter is usually looking for a way out. If they're desperate, they may offer to pay part of the rent or give the security deposit to the new tenant.

Corporate housing is another important type of short-term rental. These are houses and apartments that are rented out to individuals, companies, or organizations for a limited time. If you are lucky, most corporate rentals include appliances, furniture, linens, and dishes. Sometimes utilities are included in the monthly rent. However, this should be discussed with the renter.