All About The Hemp Oil For Period Cramps

There are many oils made from hemp that can be used topically. You can apply a few drops to your abdomen and heat the pad for five to ten minutes.

Ta-dah! You will soon feel no discomfort or pain after a while and you can carry on with your daily chores without any problems. You can also buy sublingual oils for period cramps from various online websites.

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These are other PMS solutions hemp oil can offer

PMS does not mean cramps. Different people may experience different symptoms like insomnia, headaches, and excessive stress. Hemp oil is your knight in shining armor to combat all of these issues and more.

According to the study, CBD may also be used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

What can CBD do to help with menstrual cramps

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen can be used to alleviate cramping and other unpleasant symptoms.

CBD is a natural remedy for period cramps. Is CBD really effective?

Research by 2019 Trusted Source shows that women suffering from endometriosis rated CBD oil or cannabis as more effective than other physical remedies like yoga, stretching, and other treatments.

Some evidence suggests that CBD may be able to relieve pain and inflammation. One 2016 study trusted Source found that CBD gel had no negative effects on joint inflammation or pain.

These properties can help to reduce cramping, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms that may occur during your period.