Virtual Sleep Solutions By A Sleep Advisors In Gold Coast

If your goal is to get your child to sleep at night, you've come to the right place.

From six months to four years, sleep consultants teach the child to sleep at night in under two weeks.

A trusted baby sleep training consultant assesses your child's readiness and suggests whether your child still needs dinner and takes this into account when making your plans. Baby sleep advisors will discuss options for age-appropriate sleep techniques across the spectrum, from more traditional methods to very gentle solutions. 

A baby sleep consultant will tell you honestly what is best for your child and family. The goal of a baby sleep counselor is always to teach your child how to sleep better now, but also to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to deal with possible "bumps" in the future.


1. Suggestions by phone or Skype in about an hour (unlimited time)

2. Detailed sleep assessments and personalized plans tailored to your individual circumstances, parenting style, and your child's unique needs.

3. Virtual bedtime support (approximately two hours, but not limited) so you can sleep through the night while your child is asleep.

4. Useful information like age-appropriate approaches, nutrition and sleep tips for the coming months.

While there is a suitable minimum age for sleep training, there is no maximum age for teaching children to sleep well. In this way, your five year old can also be taught sleeping skills on their own.