All About The Comparison Of Direct Fed Microbials For Poultry

Direct-fed microorganisms are live microorganisms (mostly yeast or bacteria) that can confer health benefits on the host. DFM supplementation has been studied extensively in broiler chickens to reduce or replace antibiotics as growth stimulators. 

DFMs may have multiple beneficial mechanisms that provide health benefits to the host. The gut microbiota is a complex microbial community that plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis, physiology, and increasing productivity. You can also check out here to get more information about the comparison of direct-fed microbial for poultry.

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The direct impact of the gut microbiota on host health may be indirect. Some microbes, like Campylobacter, can have adverse effects on human and environmental health. These microbes can contaminate food chains and the environment, which could pose a threat to human health.


Selection criteria for study eligibility

Two independent reviewers evaluated study eligibility using two screening steps. First, the reviewers assessed titles and abstracts for retrieved citations. If the abstracts and titles passed the initial screening, full-text articles were evaluated.

Data extraction and study characteristics

The data were extracted from included studies by two independent reviewers. For each study, the following data were collected: i. Bibliographic data (author names, publication years), ii. Study design (number and type of treatments), iii. Characteristics of experimental chickens.

This systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that DFM supplementation modulated broiler chickens' gut microbiotas through increasing log concentrations of beneficial bacteria and decreasing harmful bacteria.