Brief On U-Bolts

Bolt fasteners, in general, have a wide variety of applications. They are used increasingly in the Engineering, Oil & Gas, Pipe & Tubing, Petrochemical, Water Treatment, Construction industries commercial buildings, the car industry, offshore operations, and marine, etc.

A ‘hot-dip galvanized u-bolt’ (Also known as ‘จุ่มร้อนชุบสังกะสี u-bolt’ in the Thai language) is a type of fastener which is designed to secure and attach objects to one another.

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Much abundant variety in size, shape, grade, and materials used to manufacture these bolts to meet the requirements of each and every application. 

The most common metal used to manufacture the anchor U bolts are steel although they can also get in hot-dipped galvanized finish, Teflon coated, zinc-plated or hot-dipped galvanized poly-coated. It is basically used wherever two or more sections of every material need to be stapled together.

In the car, U-bolts to make sure that the truck body is held firmly to the frame; in refineries or offshore platforms, they help in fastening the pipeline safe for structural support beam. 

In a commercial or industrial building, these bolts can be used to attach the rods, wires or other materials for the walls. Here, the curved base holding the cable and other items flat wall and threaded ends protruding into the hidden area. In a similar arrangement, U bolts act as excellent concrete fasteners. 

If the U bolts should be used in humid environments or moisture-laden then it should be made of anti-rust or anti-corrosive metal or it must be coated with several forms of anti-corrosive materials.