3 Stages of Asbestos Removal How do Professionals do it?

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In a building constructed before 1990, the chances of asbestos presence are high. It isn’t a matter of concern if you are living at one such property and don’t plan to disturb any part of it. These fibres only pose a threat when they are disturbed and go airborne. However, it is always a good idea to get your property inspected and asbestos removed if any is found before planning any renovation or demolition.

Also, leave the job of detecting and removing those dangerous fibres to the professionals. But you can get familiar with the process they follow to ensure the process goes on without any hassle.

Stage 1: Sample Testing

You can’t be sure of asbestos presence until you have proof as those fibres aren’t visible to naked eyes. If you doubt their presence, you must contact professionals and they will reach you to take samples of the concerned areas. These samples will be tested in a controlled environment to check if asbestos is there.

Stage 2: Asbestos Removal

If the test results are positive, removing asbestos becomes crucial. Legally, you may or may not be allowed to remove it yourself. Whatever the case be, it’s always recommended to hire a specialist. They will arrive with protective gear, disposal bags, and a complete plan for the removal of asbestos.

Stage 3: Disposal of Asbestos

After the fibres are removed, they aren’t safe to keep around until disposed of. You can check with professionals offering asbestos removal in Newcastle or other local authorities to know the right process for disposal.

Through this 3-stage approach, a removal company can help you get rid of those dangerous fibres at your place.

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