Winter Commercial Building Maintenance: Tips & Checklist

Winter commercial building maintenance should be done according to the needs and type of your building. Check the checklist below to see how prepared you are for the upcoming cold season! There are many things that can go wrong with the environment in a commercial building during winter time. With such extreme changes in temperature, buildings undergo more stress and take more damage than they do in the summer season. Even if a building is well maintained, it needs regular inspection to make sure it performs optimally. Depending on the weather and usage, there are certain components of a building that require extra care during winter. To prevent any damages, the building must be subject to inspection and maintenance before the cold season hits and after it ends. This is to make sure that all systems function well regardless of what weather surprises Mother Nature has to throw at you.

Winter is here! If you’re a property manager for multiple commercial properties, you know about the cleaning, hazard checks, and maintenance that goes into winterizing your building. Use these winter commercial building maintenance tips to keep your building from becoming damaged from snow and ice buildup.

Tips & Checklist Of Winter Commercial Building Maintenance

Winter is here and it is time to think about the commercial buildings around you. Whether you have an office building, a warehouse, a retail store or any other commercial structure that needs to be winterized for the season, there are maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Recommendations for a Winter Commercial Building Maintenance:

1. Change your filters. Have a professional change your air filters at least once a month during the heating season. This will help keep the air in your workplace fresh and clean.

Winter Commercial Building Maintenance: Change your filters. If you're someone with an office building, it is important to change your heating system filters during the winter. If a filter is clogged and needs cleaning or replacement, this could result in higher utility bills and maybe even damage the heating system if it is not functioning properly.

Since the furnace heats up your air, changing its filter will help keep out dust and debris that can clog it up over time.

2. Consider adding insulation to your HVAC system. Adding more insulation can help you save money on heating costs while giving you optimal comfort levels in your business building.  If you live in a region that has cold winters, you may find your HVAC system operating less efficiently than it did when you first installed it. With low outside temperatures, this means you may be consuming more energy to heat your commercial Building Materials in Dubai. Adding insulation to your HVAC system will help remove the excess heat and make your air conditioner work more efficiently.

3. Add weather stripping to doors and windows. This can help with drafts throughout the structure during cold weather months. You can also add caulking to cracks throughout the building's exterior walls and floors if needed.

Don’t let the elements make your building feel like a freezer. Commercial buildings are often at the mercy of the weather, and this can literally make a difference in how cold or warm the interiors feel. There are many components to exterior doors that can keep those drafts out. Weatherstripping is one simple way to improve your building’s thermal envelope and keep the cold air where it belongs outside.

4. Fix any leaks or drips in pipes, toilets, or floors. Frozen pipes, dripping faucets, puddles of water on the floor.Winter means tons of problems with commercial building maintenance. Unheated buildings are especially vulnerable to ice dams and frozen pipes

Leaks, drips, and water in the ceiling? It's definitely time to put your troubleshooting skills to the test. One of the most common issues that building maintenance managers have to deal with is finding just where leaks are coming from. But before you go barging around the building, you need to know how to find the source.

Winter commercial building maintenance should not be taken lightly. With the current bad winter season, especially on the east coast with some places getting record amounts of snow, you can’t take it for granted to schedule your maintenance and prep work for the next winter.

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