Learn About Quran Online Free Courses

At Quran Unversity, if you have financial problems and need help learning Quran for free with online Tajweed, we are happy to offer you an In Shaa Allah course. The available Quran teachers will teach you the Quran very carefully. The teacher won't know if you pay or not. He will just treat you like a normal student. If you want to understand the divine message of the Quran, then you can also enroll yourself in an expert/master Quran class online and join the 6-week course.

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Below are the terms and conditions of learning the Qur'an online for free

1- To learn Quran online for free you have to be in all classes regularly because we pay for every class of a teacher who is your teacher for that class.

2- Your fee for learning the Quran online for free is paid by our donation and you must also be eligible for the donation and accept the donation.

3- There will be a quota for every month and if there is a free place for a free class, we will schedule your online Quran class for free, otherwise you have to wait and we will schedule you for the next month.

4- As soon as your free online Quran course is scheduled, we expect 90% of your course participation. You have to go out every day, let us know one day in advance so we can take you on vacation to save money and resources for learning the Quran. Because that way the teacher won't wait for you and you can book a make-up time for the Quran on another day.

5- An uninformed absence will automatically cancel your lesson.

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