Know More About Enchanting Lavaux

Walking in vineyards is a joy and so are the breathtaking landscapes. We are blessed to be able to experience the magic every day and say that it is truly a blessing to live in such an area.

Le Lavaux’s terraced vineyards have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This designation attracts attention from all over the world and is well-deserved. Lavaux has a lot to offer, not just wine tastings. These are our recommendations for a memorable outing.

Wine Basics: Guide to Different Types of Wine

Did you know that Lausanne also has its own wine? It does! There are 33 hectares worth of vineyards in the City, which are divided into five estates with the appellations La Cote Dezaley, Lavaux, and La Cote. This is right: Lausanne's famous terraced vineyards account for a portion of its wine production.

Walking is the best way to discover a new place. You can walk from Lutry to Vevey in Lavaux. It's a pleasant day to look forward to! You don't have to spend all day there, but Lavaux can be found bit-by-bit if you don’t feel like doing that.

Our favorite spot is between Epesses & Grandvaux. It's easy to park your vehicle near Epesses, then follow the small tarmac road through the vineyards.

The Tour de Martens can be seen just after Epesses. This stronghold dates back to the 12th Century and is listed as a cultural resource of regional importance. You won't want to miss the stunning views along the way, no matter what season.


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