Depression Causes, Signs And Medication

Depression is not a single disorder, but a group of disorders that vary in their duration and severity.

• Postpartum depression

Depression is most common in women, especially newborns. Start time varies from 3 months to a year after delivery. The effect can be moderate or severe.

• Psychotic depression

Psychotic symptoms are experienced along with depression. These include hallucinations or delusions, which can often affect some or all of your senses.

Delusions are usually accompanied by unjustified incompetence or guilt. You can also find a psychotherapist at

Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Different factors can cause different types of depression. The cause can be genetic – if the patient has a family history of the disorder – or personal trauma.

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This is caused by stress such as losing a job or even relationship problems. Social isolation from family conflict can also lead to depression.

Some medications, such as medications for high blood pressure, can cause depression as a side effect.

There are several signs of this disorder. Depression is associated with lethargy and the person withdraws socially and with poor physical health. Symptoms can be physical and emotional.

Emotional symptoms are:

• Persistent pessimism

• Lack of socialization

• Lack of interest in previous hobbies previous

• feelings of hatred and inadequacy

• irritation or sadness

The physical symptoms are:

• Unstable sleeping habits

• Loss of appetite

• Unknown fatigue

• back pain

• Headache

• Muscle ache


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