Importance of Grade Point Average

Throughout high school and college, your grades will work together to form your GPA.

Your semester grades in high school are used on your transcript. Semester grades are used to calculate your yearly GPA and your final GPA. Your semester grades are also the grades that your college will see when they look at your transcript.You can get information of school year grade calculator via

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A= 4 points

B= 3 points

C= 2 points

D= 1 point

F= 0 points

To calculate your GPA you will take your report card or transcript. For every A you will add 4 points, for every B you will add 3 points, etc. After adding up all of your points, you will then divide that number by how many letter grades you have. The result will be your GPA or your grade point average.

These schools may also account for how many credits were attempted. In that case you would take your grade points multiplied by the credits earned and the result is how many credits you earned. You would then take that number and divide it by how many credits were attempted.

You will want to earn as many points as possible. Even if you are doing badly in a class, it is better that you get a D instead of an F. The zero points from the F will hurt you more in the long run and the one point from the D may actually help you a little bit. You will not get any credit for classes that you fail and a little bit of credit is better than none.

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