Know About Talent Development Capability

This term refers to talent development efforts that promote training, employee engagement, talent management, and employee development to increase organizational efficiency, productivity, and performance. 

For some, talent development is an important tool in unlocking human potential. For others, it offers a variety of practical ways to achieve organizational results by creating processes, systems, and frameworks that enhance learning and development strategies, continuity planning, and learning opportunities.

 talent development

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Talent development is also a profession – a profession full of skilled and passionate people that includes formal training and qualifications. To support this area, the Talent Development Association (ATD) developed a competency model that defines what a TD professional should know and be able to do. 

In the end, the role of talent development is to build knowledge, skills, and attitudes of employees so that the organization can develop. 

Today TD specialists work in organizations and as consultants are the main actors for change and transformation in organizations. They also create a talent development strategy that is aligned with the company's business strategy.

The Talent Development Skills survey found that the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSA) of effective TD professionals at all levels of their careers fall into three main areas of practice covering the ATD Talent Development Model:

· Skills resulting from building interpersonal skills.

· Opportunities arising from building skills related to community development and helping them to learn.

· Opportunities that affect the ability of the entire organization to achieve mission results and achievements.

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