Hijab – Islamic Clothing For Women

Hijab mainly refers to the head coverings, headscarves, or simple religious clothing worn by Muslim women. Hijab is an Arabic word that means veil or curtain. Nowadays the term refers to clothes worn by women. 

The Qur'an uses this word to refer to a curtain that provides secrecy. The holy book instructs Muslims to turn to the wife of the Prophet (SAW) behind the veil to give the term the status of a curtain or a partition. 

The concept of the hijab as clothing then developed through Fiqh and Hadith. To get more information about the best swim hijabs visit https://www.seisorelle.com/

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The Koran uses other words that are synonymous with hijab, such as askhimar and jilbab. Muslim women should not reveal their beauty in public and dress modestly. According to the Koran, they must "pull the chimar up against the chest" and keep it covered. 

However, the concept of wearing the hijab has evolved over time, and its meaning, style, and usage vary according to cultural differences in different parts of the world. 

Muslim women should wear loose clothing that covers their entire body so as not to attract attention. Many scholars differ on how much clothing is needed to meet the needs of the headscarf.

 Some agreed to cover all parts of the body, including the face, arms, and legs, while others allowed women to expose their faces and hands while still covering the rest of the body. 

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