When Should You Plug In Your Car Block Heater?

According to the research, block heating can lower your car emissions and your petrol bill. Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent. The Automobile Association says that the first 20 kilometers you drive will save 15 percent of fuel. If 100,000 drivers only started their car once in winter, 50,000 liters of fuel would be saved. It's full tank gasoline.

It will also take about half the time to warm up your car comfortably when plugged in. If you use a block heater, your car will warm up in about five minutes after starting up. If not, wait 10 minutes to warm up. To have information on best engine block heater visit https://www.hotheadheater.com/.

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Do I need block heating?

You may not need a heating unit if:

Your car uses synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are made from man-made compounds and are used in excessive weather conditions.

You park your car in a heated garage or in an area with excellent warm protection.

However, block heating may be required if:

Your car does not use synthetic oil.

Park outdoors in temperatures below -10 ° Celsius.

Before you buy a block heater, you should first look at other problems with your car. If you only drive a day or two a week during winter, your battery will charge. This is a bigger problem than keeping your engine warm, especially if you have an older battery. You can get a battery pack in your car to make this easy.

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