Several Medications Of Acid Reflux

There are a number of medicines that are used to heal acid reflux. Some are sold without a prescription, while others are prescription drugs. If over-the-counter medications don't improve your symptoms, you should seek medical advice. Antacids neutralize digestive acids and are used for mild acid reflux symptoms. If you are taking an antacid, take it to relieve involuntary heartburn or acid reflux.

Most antacids are obtainable without a prescription because they are the first drugs recommended for relieving mild symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux. Drug manufacturers must take responsibility for not making the public aware of the cancer risks posed by Generic Zantac. Acid reflux cancer lawyers believe filing ranitidine cancer lawsuit across the country is the only effective way to get compensation for the harm caused by these dangerous drugs.

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All antacids are based on three main components. These materials are calcium, magnesium, or aluminum. Magnesium salts are available in the type of magnesium tricilicate, magnesium carbonate, and magnesium hydroxide. There is one major side effect of magnesium salt and that is diarrhea. Magnesium salt combined with aluminum prevents this unwanted side effect. Products containing magnesium and aluminum salts are Mylanta and Maalox.

Calcium is another treatment used to combat signs of acid reflux. Calcium carbonate is found in products such as Alka Seltzer and Tums. Calcium is a fast-acting antacid that is able to produce constipation. Long-term use of calcium carbonate can cause kidney failure. 

Aluminum salts are available in products such as Alternagel and Amphogel. Constipation is a side effect of taking aluminum salts. Liquid antacids usually work faster than tablets. Liquids are also stronger than tablets. Long-term use of antacids increases the risk of kidney stones. Always ask your doctor if you want to use acid reflux medication or natural treatments.

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