Paperless Employee Onboarding With Electronic Forms

Human resource professionals in all industries process Form I-9 whenever they hire a new employee. However, this form is just one of several paper forms that new employees and staff will need to fill out to organize and store it.

Whether an employer is looking for a residence to stay, job eligibility, starting perks, or distributing large manual documents, HR is looking for thousands of dollars in paper to find some new hires, and now all are using the advancement of the best paperless onboarding method for the hiring process.

The trend of reducing paper usage and automating the process by creating new electronic rental forms is increasing. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits and cost savings of eliminating large-scale paper processes, while new tenants can fill out these forms online and even provide e-signatures. 

And organizations that preach the message of going green are trying to find ways to make their internal systems greener. Cutting paper in the human resources department is just one way to achieve this goal.

Companies implementing this web-based board management software application can even allow employees to access their dedicated board portal to fill out new hiring documents before their first day of work! With centrally managed electronic forms, it's easy to ensure compliance and easier to get information from anywhere in the world.

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