Various Product Ideas For LED Lighting

The first product category is LED by lights. The word is an abbreviation for the parabolic reflector. This is actually not applicable to LEDs because they have lenses and do not depend on reflectors to create a directional light. In fact, lentils on LED lights are much more efficient than reflectors. 

LED light is directional and can be controlled precisely with the use of lenses. As long as we talk about lentils that will be the first thing you will need to make the choice. The lights can be purchased with various objective angles. You can check out the more about LED light manufacturers via

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The lens controls the angle of light. The more tightly the angle, the more the light is concentrated, and the wider the angle, the larger the light, but a larger area will be turned on. A 45-degree angle is possibly most objectives, but aesthetically and mathematical third parties are more enjoyable or an angle of 60 or 30 degrees. Use 60 general purpose and 30 for projectors.

Then, when you order a light a day, you must select the color. One of the benefits of the LEDs is that you can specifically select the color of the light. The common options are warm white of 2,800 – 3,800k, commercial white of 4,000 to 5,000 k and pure 6,000 – 6,500K. Each color has its advantages according to the situation. The warm white is better to create an atmosphere, while the pure white is a little brighter and produces more lumens by watt. For safety lighting, you would use pure white for a hottest hot white bar.

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