Complying With Hazardous Waste Guidance Regulations

Hazardous waste Advice is provided by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Environment Agency. The Health and Safety Executive also provides advice about the best way best to store materials that are poisonous in nature. You can check the best transformer oil disposal services at

So as to fully comply with industrial waste regulations it's essential to register with the Environment Agency should you create in excess of 500 kilograms or 1,100 lbs, or 500 liters or 110 gallons of toxic waste in one calendar year. 


In case it becomes necessary to transfer or move an item then a consignment note should first be accessed. This is a method of monitoring the whereabouts of this waste and it is helpful to guarantee the responsible and safe management of substances that might be harmful to the environment generally.

Regulations require that any waste transferred or transported is completed by a registered waste carrier. The waste must also be accompanied by a proper consignment note, and also the destination of this waste needs to be on a center that holds a suitable license for receiving and dealing with toxic waste.

Hazardous waste is described as being waste that retains the chance of being dangerous or harmful to individuals or to the surroundings in some manner. This sort of waste may take several forms.

Hazardous waste control is mostly common sense. If a substance or liquid is very likely to be detrimental to anybody who comes in contact with it, or if it's very likely to be bad for the environment, then it's most likely toxic waste and it'll have to be treated in accord with the regulations governing this waste.

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