All About Laminate Types And Applications

The popularity of laminate has increased in recent years due to the various advantages it has over other surface materials. Because they are waterproof, scratch and wear resistant, and have a decorative appearance, laminates are the most preferred product for various interior projects. 

However, the choice of laminate depends on the type. There are many types of laminates based on several factors. Many laminate manufacturers provide their laminate collection on the website as well. You can find the best laminate catalogue  from several web sources. Here are some of the types of laminates and the areas where each of these types is used:

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Laminate based on the production process

Low pressure laminate: Decor paper is impregnated with melamine resin and dried naturally. This is then glued to HDF, MDF or chipboard using heat activated glue and a laminator.

High pressure laminate: These are decorative panels that are fixed to MDF and plywood with glue. They are then pressed through a cold process.

Laminate depending on usage

Decorative Laminate: This type of laminate is mainly used for interior decoration and furniture protection. They are mainly used to organize conference rooms, interiors, etc. Because it gives a premium touch and touch to furniture.

Industrial laminates: They are mainly used in industrial areas as they are very scratch resistant and wear resistant. They are mainly used in office furniture and cabinets.

Laminate on the surface layer

Matte Finish: This laminate has a matte effect and is mainly used in business and corporate offices where sophistication is essential.

Glossy Finish: This laminate is used to create a glossy effect. Glossy lamination attracts and attracts attention. It is widely used in places where the audience's attention must be drawn, for example in clubs or at parties and events. They are also used in kitchens because these laminates are easier to clean and maintain.

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