How to Prevent Sexual Harassment

The training programs that seem difficult for the prevention of sexual harassment are in fact quite easy to design and deliver. People just need to improve their understanding of sexual harassment and prevent it accordingly.

More often we see the managers at the workplace busy settling the issues after an incident of sexual harassment has taken place. Sexual harassment training has a great part in making us aware of what behaviour needs to be disallowed in the workplace.

Sexual abuse has an important role to play in influencing employee morale and in the long run this hinders the process of employee retention greatly.  The worst part is that most people simply avoid the reported cases of sexual abuse resulting in encouragement of workplace sexual harassers.

Any person enduring indecent jokes at the workplace has majority chances of being victimized. Additionally, sexual harassment adds to workplace hostility while tainting the company image. To prevent sexual harassment it is very essential that people should take a strong stand against the bullies who most of the times turn to sexual harassment to determine their supremacy.

In fact, sexual harassment, other than being a common workplace occurrence is prevalent on the streets as well. Thus it is important that people instead of being victimized or mere spectators should raise their voice against this societal evil.

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