Creating a New Lawn With Turf

Turf will produce instant grass and in four to six weeks the grass will be usable. However, make sure you use a good provider. Always use a cultivated lawn that has been fed, watered, and cared for. Some companies supply grass for grass that is cheaper but of lower quality and may contain weeds and weed seeds.

Preparation for the lawn is the same as for planting a new lawn. The time spent in preparation will pay off in the results. Don't worry about what has been grown on the lawn, it won't make any difference; it does not need to match soil types.You may buy farm Fresh Sapphire Turf Supplier in Sydney via Hawkesbury Turf

Follow the same preparation process as for new grass seeding. Apply the same lawn starter fertilizer and water well. Make sure you have ordered your lawn for the day you want to lay it, or if you have a large area to cover, ask for help or stagger deliveries to keep your lawn fresh.

The Major Things To Know Before Installing The Synthetic Turf In Sydney - Videodrom

Do not leave the grass rolled up for more than two days as it will yellow and heat up and kill the grass.

Laying the grass

Take your first roll of grass and cut it in half. Place half in a corner and then proceed to lay out the full rolls. Make sure they collide with each other. Don't walk on the grass; if you have no choice, walk on a board set on the grass.

Aftercare for instant grass is the same as for a newly seeded lawn, and again the result will largely depend on how well the customer waters. 

The first cut is as important as for a seeded lawn. The first cut will only remove the top 10mm of grass. Then gradually reduce the cutting height to the most suitable for the type of lawn.


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