Paint Coating and Contract Cleaning – Co-Branding Carefully Considered – Case Study

A few weeks ago someone who was simply a paint coat practitioner contacted our Cleaning Company for industry information. His goal was simple, he wanted to co-brand the two businesses into one contract organization to package services and increase earnings. Well, let us examine the co-branding scenario for some time and consider it as a case study.

His business is from the North East plus he has contacted our company that does onsite cleanup of transport to see if it is reasonable. He tells us that he has leadership skills, dedication, and ethics. Therefore, this can be our initial remarks about his situation:

"We see you've submitted the information below to your company website and assume you're interested in Business information in your Car Wash, Fleet Washing, Auto Detailing, or Aircraft Cleaning Sector. You can check out the best auto detailing in Westlake Village via

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Your devotion, persistence, leadership, dedication, and strength of personality are probably your best resources, as you are aware. Your business; Core Coatings is very intriguing and very apropos to the cleaning industry.

To begin with, if he plans on building his own portable cleaning components, then powder coating is recommended since the finished product won't rust and it will hold up from the harsh winters. 

In a lot of approaches, the Coating and Cleaning businesses go hand in hand. The surface coating of this thing being cleaned is paramount to the way it's cleaned and sometimes even as we view in the future if it even needs cleaning or it cleans itself, self-cleaning counters, and self-cleaning glass.

Additionally, before anything can be coated, it has to be thoroughly washed, and if an entrepreneur can make money doing this, well they ought to pay themselves in-house than cover another company for that privilege. Perhaps, one ought to consider these things when straddling coating companies using cleaning theories with a co-branding strategy.

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