How to Recover From Burnout

If you ever experienced burnout you know how difficult it can be to get over- especially if you are still working. Here are some ideas to help you work through the recovery process. The underlying theme of all of this advice is that you should be good to yourself. No one can or will do it for you.

At Work:

  • Break your task into small pieces and have a mini celebration when you are competing against each.
  • Do not do everything 100%. Learn when 80% is good enough.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Get up and move around.
  • Eat lunch – not at your desk.
  • Go outside and walk in the fresh air.
  • Guard your "self" time. Do not have an open-door policy.
  • Time-specific plans to return phone calls and emails.
  • Leave your work at work. Do not take it home with you.

If you can not get yourself back on track with these ideas get a coach who can help you. Or you can also find more tips on how to recover from burnout at  Be sure to do a thorough inspection so that you get someone who is both reliable and well-trained. You want the best for yourself.

At home:

  • Eat right – 6 small meals a day is ideal but make sure they are balanced and low in calories
  • Get plenty of sleep. Quality is better than quantity. If you need help sleeping see your doctor. You can't recover if you are exhausted.
  • Get plenty of exercises. Do not have hard exercise even walking is good for you (and dogs!).
  • Go out in the fresh air as much as possible.
  • Simplify everything you can.
  • Clean up the mess and you will open your mind to new ideas.
  • Do not be a perfectionist. You're not Martha Stewart so relaxed about the house and cooking.
  • Make sure the work is spread evenly. Do not do everything yourself and not try to do everything in one day.
  • Learn to meditate or do yoga.
  • Listen to soothing music instead of television.
  • Laugh

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