The Benefits Of Rumen Bypass Fats

Rumen protected (or bypass) is a commercially produced fat product with different fat content and a different fatty acid profile, which allows for increased energy density in all ruminant diets. 

With RP fat, nutritionists can increase the energy density in a dairy cow's diet without adding more starch or sugar. RP fat replaces the need for excess level of grain and commodity by-products. To get more information about the best bypass fat for dairy cows visit

best bypass fat for dairy cows

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Rumen-protected fats supply the choice to dairy farmers of adding additional energy into a daily diet to compensate for non energy corn silages or other roughage. 

In dairy herds which are handled with over 1 manufacturing group, the inclusion of RP fats at the first lactation or higher production groups will provide the best advantages in manufacturing and feed conversion efficiency. 

The two RP fats most commonly used today are 1) fat which combines with calcium to form calcium salts that are left in the rumen 

2) fats which are coated with a silicone coating which resists rumen degradation. Both technologies allow fat to pass through the rumen and be absorbed in the small intestine, where various fatty acids are metabolized. 

Dairy producers and nutritionists need to examine the product and research claims of the several goods available on the marketplace and pick the item which will give the maximum desirable outcome. RP products are costly but their effectiveness is generally worth the investment.

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