Stomach Cancer Symptoms Spotting Them Early

In 2008, cancer caused an average of 8 million deaths. Stomach cancer is responsible for 740,000 of them. This is how serious this condition is. The good news is that mortality has decreased significantly since then. Doctors and researchers owe it to this simple task of detecting symptoms of stomach cancer early. 

Recognizing the symptoms of stomach cancer can be a little tricky. The key to early detection of stomach cancer is to see a doctor as soon as you feel something is wrong and follow proper litigations via to treat your disease before it gets too late, especially if you are exposed to any or all of the following conditions:

Stomach Cancer vs. Stomach Ulcers: Differences in Symptoms

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Bloody Stool:

This is considered a good indicator that something is wrong with the digestive system. If you see fresh blood after using tissue paper, it may be caused by something near your anuses such as hemorrhoids or polyps. They can be damaged by constipation. It is always advisable to have a fecal occult blood test to be sure.

Stomach Pain:

This pain can be caused by a tumor growing in the stomach. Usually, in stomach cancer, the pain is around nearby the upper layer of the abdomen and can be constant or periodic.

Vomiting And Nausea:

N&V is a symptom that can appear in almost any ailment, not just indigestion. This is because nausea and vomiting associated with stomach cancer and caused due to the growth of tumor cells. Persistent nausea and vomiting can also cause trauma to the esophagus.

Unintentional Weight Loss:

Many people now wonder why cancer patients have a tendency to lose weight without even trying. The answer is simple. Cancer cells take nutrients that are intended for the body. In essence, they are the ones who become healthier when the body is in pain.

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