Propose To Your Future Bridesmaids With Proposal Boxes

You and your partner have created a list of people you would like to come on your special day. Maybe capturing a text or talking on the phone asking friends and family to be bridesmaids or maid of honor might not be your style.

You want to show your loved ones how much it means to you that they are standing next to you when you say "I do." Bridesmaid proposal boxes are becoming increasingly popular for such proposals.

bridesmaid proposal box

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It's almost a thank you to your bride's tribe as they are going to spend some extra cash on bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette parties, and wedding parties. You and your friends are also very happy about your wedding.

You can fill the bridesmaid box with anything you want and you can customize it with your friends. From champagne bottles to scented candles, there are almost no limits – apart from size – what gifts you can give.

Some sets are made with gifts and proposal boxes, but we focused specifically on the boxes themselves. Some gift boxes that are a fairly empty sheet of paper with a nice box.

The best bridesmaids have elegant scripts that ask the most important question, "Would you be my bridesmaid?" The plaid has a fun design and makes your tribal bride feel special when she opens your present.

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