Preparing Your House for Sale

It is not surprising that well maintained, nice to see the house will sell faster and at a higher price than a home that looks uncared for and run down, even though the feature may be the same. So, do not assume it's just clean up when you have a house for sale. Think of it as a marketing strategy.

Before you keep your home for sale, make sure all the dust is gone and that there is no clutter lying about. You also need to think about the features that will attract buyers. Try to put yourself in the position of buyers and take a good look inside and out.

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Although this can be a bit of a challenge because you get used to seeing your own home day after day, it is important to look through the fresh eyes of a prospective buyer.

However, if you are having trouble viewing your house siding, consult your real-life agent. She is skilled in preparing homes for sale and will be able to provide specific directions to help you get started. The exterior of your home is the first thing a buyer will see. Never underestimate the importance of curb appeal.

The first impression people see is your outdoor area. grass should be mowed and every tree dies or leaves should be removed. fresh flowers were nice and shrubs add a lot to the landscape. 

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