Submitting To The Top Article Submission Sites For Article Marketing

Many article marketers submit their articles to all sites they come across. Unfortunately, most of these sites are just a wasted effort, because the subordinate directories will not be listed in the search engines. 

It will not count for link popularity, and are not visited often enough to be a traffic generation source. Submitting your articles to the top article submission sites is the only way to achieve true marketing success.

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Of course, when submitting the articles on the top article submission website; there are few things to consider. Here are few points for your help:

You should review the submission guidelines and to adhere completely. The main article directories have human editors to treat all bids.

This will require you to write creative, interesting and informative articles that are grammatically correct. You should keep all links on the article itself, and save them for the author's resource box or bio. 

You must also pay attention to the excessive use of capital letters and exclamation points. There are several guidelines that must be followed as well, but these are the most basic and universal.

In addition to this, you need to write a retrospective of the last five words of the article, and a short list of keywords related to your article topic.

These should match your article perfectly. You need to write something on the author resource box that allows you to introduce yourself, your company, your product or service, and insert one to three links redirecting to your site. 


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