Risk Factors Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is referred to as one of the major eye disorders that can damage the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. It can also lead to loss of vision partially or entirely.

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There are two types of Glaucoma, one is primary open-angle glaucoma. It is an increase in fluid pressure in the eye that leads to vision damage slowly and gradually. 

The other type is acute angle-closure glaucoma in which fluid pressure keeps on increasing rapidly. It can lead to complete vision loss in a short time.

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Some of the risk factors of glaucoma are as follows:

Age – people aging 60 and above are at high risk of this disease. People who are in their 40”s can also have risk factors as they get older.

Family history – This is a genetic disease that may be passed from one person to another in a family.

Diabetes and other certain medical conditions – A person with high blood pressure or perhaps a heart disease patient have a high risk of glaucoma.

Physical injury to an eye – Every physical injury to the eye can damage the optic nerve tissue, which can lead to glaucoma.

Other factors – Any deficiency in the body or defect in the eye can cause glaucoma.

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