Utilization Of Postnatal Care Services Among Women

The postnatal period begins directly after birth and lasts six weeks. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) during the postnatal period a woman should receive at least three home visits by health workers, the pursuit of folic iron tablets acid and calcium, care of the infection, get an education on breastfeeding, family planning services, and postpartum exercise.

Thus, the postnatal period is very important for the health and welfare of the mother and the newborn. To get more information about postnatal care, you may go through https://www.jacarandamaternity.co.ke/postnatal-care-and-family-planning.

postnatal care

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It is one of these critical care methods that reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. Any shortage of care during this period is a significant loss and so vacillating opportunities in promoting a healthy lifestyle for the woman and her family.

Positive calls on the health of a woman for a healthy family, community, and in turn healthy nation. Inefficient use of these services has made the mother and child vulnerable to low morbidity and mortality in and middle-income countries.

Postnatal care coverage is in a downward trend compared to other maternal and child health services. The process of globalization and industrialization has led to rapid urbanization paving the way for the movement of people to urban areas in search of livelihood.

This caused a surge in urban population, the lack of housing structures, and creating slums. The basic health and hygiene in the slums have always remained a concern.

The use of postnatal care services is influenced by the extent of factors such as poverty, distance, lack of services, and lack of information, myths, misconceptions, and diverse cultural practices.

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