Does My Child Need A Thumb-Sucking Guard?

Calm themself with a thumb is natural and normal for kids, but when they do not lose the habit they grow, finger sucking can cause changes to the shape of the mouth and teeth that are difficult to correct. 

A guard-thumb sucking prevents children from putting a thumb in his mouth, as it inhibits the sense of satisfaction associated with it.

Pediatricians and pediatric dentists can discuss a range of available devices and choose the best for your child. You can visit to know more thumb guards and other thumb sucking appliances.

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When should I use a guard?

Acknowledge your pediatric dentist or pediatrician if your child needs a guard if thumb sucking habit does not disappear after his fourth birthday. 

Dental problems are often correct, provided that the children drop their habit of thumb sucking before their permanent teeth appear, according to URMC. 

Persons under the age of four treatment do not need to thumb sucking, says UCPC but if the habit continues after the age of five, it can cause genuine damage. 

However, if children five years and older are infrequently sucking their thumb and there is no visible damage, treatment is not necessary.

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