Natural Hair Care Products For Healthy Hair Care

Using natural hair care products is the best practice to get beautiful, strong, and silky hair for the long term. Most hair care products available in the market today are not natural and manufactured using different chemicals, synthetic materials and compositions are very less or no natural materials. This artificial product though helped to get better hair but it also may be harmful to some of the most important skin parts.

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Natural Henna:

It is also known as Lawsonia inermis. This is a plant with small green leaves and is used to make natural products such as powders, pastes, and gels. Henna is also used as a product for making natural hair color compositions along with other natural ingredients such as Shikakai and amla.

Shikakai Powder:

This element is also identified as acacia concinna. This is a small tree that grows in warm and dry places in central India. It is generally used as a powder after mixing with water working as a cleaner and hair detangler. It is probably the only genuine natural shampoo in the world.

Reetha Powder:

It is also known as peanut soap or soapberry. This is a small fruit after drying is ground to make a powder. It is generally used to remove dandruff and lice from the hair and to improve the skin. It is used in the preparation of Ayurvedic and herbal shampoo.

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