Gluten-Free Tips For Eating Out In Restaurants

Having Lunch in restaurants can be very difficult if you have a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. Most people with coeliac disease avoid to dine out due to the fear of getting sick. But there are many restaurants that serve gluten-free food. One can easily order food from a gluten-free restaurant Farmington at

Here are 5 tips for gluten-free eating out in restaurants.

1) Do some research first: 

Search over the internet for the name of the city and "gluten-free restaurants" and check if there are such restaurants near you that serve gluten-free food. Sometimes you may find a restaurant that has a special gluten-free menu. 

Gluten free food in southfield restaurants

2) Hop over the call with restaurant in advance:

It is always better to make time to call the restaurant in advance. Ask them if they serve people on a gluten-free diet and if they do check with them how many choices you will have on the menu.

If you are sensitive to cross-contamination you may also want to check how they deal with cross-contamination in the kitchen.

3) Look at online menus of the restaurant: 

There are many restaurants that use gluten-containing ingredients very heavily in their menu, whereas many don't.

If you look at some menus online in advance you will get a good idea of the types of food that a restaurant serves and whether or not gluten features highly on the menu.

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