Brief About Oceanic Art

All traditional arts of Melanesia ,Micronesia and Polynesia together form the oceanic art. Melanesia is Papua New Guinea Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Polynesian is all the Pacific islands like Tonga and Fiji, but also include New Zealand and Easter Island. Micronesia is just north of New Guinea.

The scope and variety of art styles in the ocean is huge. There are many oceanic art museums where you can find beautiful art from great artists. Moreover there are many oceanic art sellers , who sell oceanic artwork like sculptures, masks all around the world.

oceanic art

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These art reflect the underlying cultural and linguistic diversity of the region. Oceanic sculpture represented a god or ancestral heroes.  Most pieces of oceanic art have a spiritual side for them. 

Motifs and figures carved on objects to make them stronger. Oceanic sculpture, wood-carving, and painting were thought to be an essential part of the spiritual and societal ceremony of normal island life, so were facets of the several common kinds of spirit-worship and ancestor-worship.

Masks and skulls, also decorated. Traditional themes are incised, painted or stained on canoes, paddles, ceramics, stools, and boats. Work of representation is not usually much appreciated; personal characteristics are subordinated to a formal drawing solid pace, leading to abstraction or exaggeration.

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