Precautionary Measures That You Must Take With CNG Cars

We all understand that a small change can bring about a critical shift in society. The latest adaption towards society is selecting CNG and electric vehicles. CNG for cars is now in trend and has become the most preferred fuel in India. The popularity of CNG gas is due to the numerous benefits attached to it. The CNG is cost-efficient, cleaner, and has high calorific value. Moreover, CNG fitted cars offer good mileage than petrol or diesel ones.

CNG is highly combustible as compared to petrol or diesel. Only a single spark can put the engine on fire. To ensure proper safety, some precautions must be taken for CNG powered vehicles. We will discuss some of them with you. If you are looking for nearby CNG Fitment centre Chandigarh, then you can do google.

  1. Don’t use unauthorized CNG kits: If you are going to install a CNG kit in petrol or diesel car, then get it installed from the authorized CNG kit service provider. Any leakage or below par quality kit may result in a fire.
  2. Follow the rules: The vehicle running on CNG must follow the rules as per given in the central motor vehicle act. You can’t smoke in a car or carry flammable material in it. So be careful and safe.
  3. Don’t use mismatch accessories: Always use the right set of kit and cylinder that matches well with your car. Failing to do so can be calamitous. You must install approved brands of CNG cylinder and kit in your car which are as per normal standards.
  4. Leak test of the Gas system: Don’t fill the fuel tank to its maximum level as any leakage or improper fitting may result in fire or any other causality. If you detect any leakage, get it fixed immediately from the nearby CNG center.

With these points in mind, you should go to the market and get a CNG kit fitted in your car. 

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