The most adventurous tours and activity in Cebu

Cebu is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. This strange and beautiful place is known as the "Queen of the South" in the Philippines. As one of the fastest growing province in the Philippines, Cebu is a trade, trade, industry and education centre in the Visayas. Cebu is also the conference centre of the Philippines, where the ASEAN event took place at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). Cebu has also become a tourist centre of the Central Philippines because from here you can get easy access to many beautiful places and holiday destinations in Visayas and Mindanao.

Cebu is very focused on maintaining the historical past, in fact, the first Christian in this city, which has so far maintained the history of its Cebuano, began placing shrines, such as the Magellan Church, where you can easily connect with the past. It is very important to keep the past for the Filipinos and serves as a guide for young learners to learn more about their past, especially when it comes to Filipino origin and became the Philippines.

Cebu is renowned for being home to beautiful sandy beaches and world-class dive sites. It has many beaches that are spread around Cebu, but most can be found on Mactan Island. Many foreign and local divers come to Cebu to discover the underwater wonders of the world. Diving sites and spots are located in Mactan, Moabawal, Malapascua and many more, rich in coral gardens and marine life. Many tourists come to Cebu for their Filipino holidays. There are many places to visit and lots of exciting things you can do while you are in Cebu. One of the tourist attractions of Cebu is the nightlife. Cebu Philippines is also rich in history and culture. Some of them are one of the tourist attractions that visitors want to see and experience.

Massage Helicopter – The term "Heliot" means that the massager or therapist in Tagalog (the main language of the Philippines) is a traditional therapeutic agent of ancient deep tissue massage in the Philippines style, including a variety of finger movements and a knob on some pressure points on the back, legs and relaxation Tension around the head and neck. Some residents believe that special Haute massage specialists can help pregnant women if they wish

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