Which Size of Lensball is Best for Photography?

With the crystal ball, you can take photos that show the background scene of the ball. This is a great technique that pleases many people to do photography. Photo technology is now popular because photographers mark crystal balls as lenses again! 

So the most common question is which size of the ball is right to buy. You can look for various sizes of lense ball at https://www.refractique.com/

Small Lensball

The small lens has a size of 60 mm and extends to marble. These balls are the easiest to pack and are much lighter than other balls. 

Weight – They give your bag almost no weight and are therefore easier to use for hand shots.

Size – Because of their small size, they are easier to pack and offer more space for other items. Smaller size balls can be fit in the holes or gaps.

Manual – Your thumb and fingers can easily hold the smaller size ball which becomes more difficult with a larger size.

Large Lensball

Large size refers to balls with a diameter of 80 mm or more. 

Optics – This size offers the best optics. Most sharp ball.

Manual – This is a much more natural measure that fits in the palm of your hand or someone else's. The composition of a classic crystal ball is what handles the ball.

Size – It helps to hide some background elements behind the ball and makes it easier to fill the frame with your ball.

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