The Age Of Android Development Companies

Android is an operating system developed in California. This system was bought by Google and thus has their OS to develop for smartphones and other hardware. Doors open for those who choose to look into the android development in Abu Dhabi company’s.

Image Source Google

The benefits of this type of OS is that it is based on the Linux kernel. It is an open source programming language that uses the open door to the rest of the system hardware. In essence gives users the ability to customize their mobile phones with their needs. This could be an advantage for clients and companies that sell the phone.

OS used by the phone and thus has centered around this way. OS that can be used for other hardware, but that the main application for mobile phones. The system is flexible and stable. The advantage to be able to have the system shows the adaptability can be used in many tasks.

OS can read Java and thus provide an open door to have Java programming by a third party. Java is a programming language separate from the OS, but it will be compatible which means that many programs can and bring it back to a wealth of knowledge to offer.



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