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If someone tells you that they are qualified in NEBOSH you might see a slightly odd and wondered what it is. It could sound like some form of illness or injury inflicted on parts of your body.

In reality NEBOSH is a globally recognized qualification in health and safety, so if one of your friends say they have NEBOSH you do not have to worry about their health. This course is designed for aspiring health and safety professionals who want to progress their career. You can get to know more about NEBOSH via wiseglobaltraining.

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Being a certified NEBOSH is the first step on the ladder to become a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner and Chartered Members IOSH (CMIOSH), which allows people to carry out health and safety course, ratings and more.

Some basic principles of NEBOSH course includes the loss causation and investigation of incidents, identify hazards, assess and evaluate risks, risk control and emergency planning just to start with. After the course gets into full swing you will be dealing with a number of situations, including the principles of health and safety law, criminal and civil law, a variety of organizational factors and people who can play a role when assessing the health and safety risks and how to effectively measure the performance of health and safety ,

Of course many of these aspects is more about health and safety practices really general, the second half NEBOSH course is focused on the prevention of health and safety issues, which include the principles of fire and explosion, the assessment of the risk of fires around the workplace, storage, handling and processing of hazardous substances, see the work equipment, machine safety and electrical safety.

Final two aspects of the course based on safety in the construction and demolition waste and environmental pollution and waste management.

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