Have You Been Charged With Aggravated Assault In San Francisco?

An assault crime must not be underestimated in San Francisco. The penalty for conviction in many cases severe enough so you need a professional assault defense attorney on your side to make sure you get released.

You have to start with a base and it is offensive terms. You can also hire the best and experienced assault defense attorney in San Francisco if you have been charged with assault crime.

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It is a crime of violence committed against others. There are three types of attack and each has its own level.  This is the kind of crime described by attacks that result in serious injury or involving a deadly weapon.

You need to know what the prosecution may pull out of their sleeves to make a good argument counter. For prosecutors to prove an assault, they need to present evidence to the jury that serious physical harm done to the victim.

Injury could result in a temporary or physical disability. Also, if the claimant can prove that you are carrying a deadly weapon in the scene, it could cause major problems for your case.

If you are found guilty, it means that you must complete a minimum of five years in prison. If the prosecuting attorney is better than your defense lawyer, you can get stuck in a maximum of fifteen years in prison.

The best way is to have a good lawyer to defend your case even if he cannot dismiss the case, at least the sentence can be reduced.

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