Different Types Of Custom Pallets Racking

Pallet racking offers a storage aid service that is needed to store materials on custom pallets. There are many kinds of pallet racking and all types of storage leave palletized elements in parallel lines with various levels. To know more about the various uses of custom pallets, you can check out this site.


Selective pallet racking – the town before any type of pallet racking:

Provide greater storage flexibility, which is often the common kind of racking pallet. This system allows easy access to each pallet racking and can be maintained by most styles of motor vehicle trucks. Whenever the flexibility, speed, and availability palette are the main criteria, this relatively low-value system would be a perfect answer. It is designed to handle almost any size or weight and the custom pallet is easily adjustable and adjusted at any time.

Drive-in racking – High-density storage:

Drive-In Pallet has been specifically designed for high-density storage of custom palletized goods. This type of storage is used mainly in places where you have more floor space. This is often a cheaper solution for the storage of high-density custom pallets and is affordable. It is maintained by truck motor vehicles with reach trucks.

Most solutions are unique for custom pallet racking and designed to facilitate the entry and exit easy and comfortable. They have two totally different racking systems: LIFO and FIFO.

Cantilever system – a sustainable solution:

Storage of goods that last for years together can be a challenge. Things like wood, steel, plastic sheeting, pipes or drywall, and other white goods can be better stored in cantilever supports. Cantilever racking can be custom made. 

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