Renting With A Pet: Things To Know

If you want to mark a large pet-friendly apartment in London, here’s what you should know. Regarding the search for an apartment in London, there are tons of online research platforms that can help. You can get pet friendly rent accommodation in London via

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Writing a CV can help
When hiring in London with a pet, you must prove that you are an intelligent animal owner, manager. A is similar to a stellar human-animal well-written CV CV. The thought you put in the paper is a direct reflection of you and your abilities.

Reference line up from previous owners, kennels, and trainers if possible
If this is not the first time hiring with a pet, reach out to your previous landlords and see if they will write a brief recommendation. Although your prospective owner inevitably will call your references should go to the last step, it is useful to include references written before pushing your application.

Upfront about renting with a pet
This tip is short and sweet. Do not lie about owning a pet! If you want to find a rentalĀ apartmentĀ in London, to be honest from the start.

When competition is high, pay slightly higher rent
They say money is power, and this is especially true in the London rental market. If you are looking to give you a competitive advantage, consider a rent offer a little more per month.

Expect to pay higher security and cleaning fees
Even if you do not exceed the amount of rent charged, you probably pay a higher security deposit. Most homeowners want a deposit of eight weeks for pet keepers, as denied to the usual six. And you’ll probably have a necessary pet sanitation price bound to your lease.

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