Common Glass Painting Mistakes

Making mistakes in craftwork can often seem like a disaster. Sometimes you feel like binning everything and start again. When you work with acetate and glass, things are not always practical.

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I have used the following suggestions to help many learners feel more confident in sorting out the common mistakes in glass painting.

CBS Dichroic Coating Aqua Pixie Stix Pattern on Thin Clear  Glass COE96

Common mistakes come in using the pen for outlining – methylated-based or acrylic paste glass paints. Although the materials are different, they are all sorted with a single product. It would be no surprise to hear that the product is methylated spirits.

Pen lines used in painting glass are generally designed for use with an overhead projector and alcohol based. That means that the pen, and a thick paste used for 3D outline, all can be removed with a clean meths.

Mistakes were made with paint-glass based methylated can be removed in the same way. The use of water to remove the mistakes made with water-based paint.

Correcting pen and outlining mistakes:

Whether you are using the pen outline, or paste, the process is the same for both. Follow the instructions carefully and you need to resolve the problem completely to start it all over again.

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