Thumb Sucking – Treatment at Your Own Home

One of the most common habits associated with children under two is thumb sucking, which is generally related with the need to seek food. This habit may build up as hobby for a bored child or, more commonly, as a coping device to pacify a nervous moment.

Remember, the thumb may not always be clean and this means some health complications for the child and vigorous sucking can become the cause of many dental problems. For more information about theĀ thumb sucking glove for babies, you canĀ check out various online sources.

Younger children have soft and supple jaw and this habit can cause change in shape of the jawbone. The habit may also influence food and faulty tooth position besides causing infections around the fingernails resulting in the spread of communicable diseases.

Let’s read about some easy ways to stop thumb sucking so that this can not become a bad habit over a period of time.

1. Provide a substitute and keep them busy (ball or snacks).

2. As a parent, you are required to take the necessary measures in the form of qualified medical guidance to avoid the child the habit of thumb sucking develops.

3. Talk to your child, tell the reasons and ways to work together to stop the habit, not force them to stop or it will reinforce the habit.

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