Plastic Pallets Vs Wooden Pallets

Pallets are used for shipping purposes. They are flat and can be lifted by forklifts and pallets. When used, a load is placed on the pallet and attached in sealed with a plastic envelope in preparation for shipment. Different materials are used to make pallets, including wood and plastic. Various plastic pallets supplier across Sydney is available online that supply reliable pallets to the customers.

Flat wooden pallets are used to transport goods. The cheapest type is made from a softwood and typically last for use. Since cheap wood is a porous material, it is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and prosper. This environment also attracts insects. Wooden pallets are very hard on workers who must use them. They are heavy and can cause injuries such as muscle strain wood chips. The wood dust put off by these pallets is also terrible for humans to ingest.

The solution to eliminating the use of wooden pallets is switching for plastic pallets. Plastic pallets are manufactured by thermoforming, compression molding, high-pressure injection molding, and a couple of other methods. They are lighter, more hygienic and can be reused, recycled and renewed.

Plastic pallets are also very durable and do not have the same risks associated with wood pallets, such as bugs or high flammability. They are not only lighter, but plastic can be molded to form a better design for human use. Some plastic pallets even perform manipulation to make it easier to carry.

Wooden pallets have been the go-to for shipping in the past, but given the concern for sanitation, health, fire, and environment, their use has decreased over the years. Plastic pallets are now considered superior to their wooden counterparts. They are safer, more hygienic and easier to use.

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