SCRUM Training or SCRUM Certification: A Simple Introduction

An overview of SCRUM describes it as a framework in which people can have the capacity to address difficult problems, at the same time, developing products which are of maximum value by productivity and creativity. In all, SCRUM can be referred to as:

• Lightweight
• Easy to understand
• Very Difficult to gain proficiency

It is actually a framework which members of the team of an organization can implement various processes and techniques for successful products. You can browse to know more about the SCRUM Certification.

Scrum framework consists of Scrum teams along with their associated roles, artifacts, events, and set their own rules. It should be noted that each component within the framework serves a specific purpose respected and always critical to the success and the use of this scrum.

Transparency is a must in the scrum rules because it allows important aspect of the process to be view able by all members who are responsible for the results. Because each team member should understand it is always advisable to use a common “terminology” so that the review can be shared by all.

Typically, Scrum team consists of a Product Owner, Development Team which also includes Scrum Master. The team itself organized and cross-functional. These teams are independent because they develop a plan for the achievement of their goals.

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