Types Of Injection-Molded Pallets

Although plastic pallets are very popular among people who are involved with logistics and supply chain management, there are entrepreneurs who are still in the dark about the benefits they offer.
The steady growth of injection-molded pallets occurred due to factors such as health, robustness, security, space-saving qualities and much more. Wooden pallets have almost lost their market in recent times because of some of their weaknesses.

For those looking to switch from wood to plastic, the information below will serve as the knowledge necessary to make a decision.

Types of injection-molded pallets:

  • Ingredients: Based on the material, it can be classified into an HDPE pallet made of High-Density Polyethylene and PP pallets made of Polypropylene. Apart from these two types, there are recyclable plastic pallets made from used plastic involving both HDPE and PP.
  • Design: The classification is based on the design is wide because there are various types such as Rackable, stackable, nestable, and photo frames plastic pallets.
  • Applications: Drum plastic pallets, spill control, food-grade, hygienic, anti-static, heavy-duty, medium, and lightweight are classified according to the application. Some manufacturers also produce ESD pallets made with electrically conductive materials for the transport of electronic gadgets or their components.
  • The process of making: In the palette can be classified into thermoformed, injection-molded of high-impact resistance, and blow-molded for the cold supply chain.

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