Tips to Make Friends While Solo Traveling


Solo traveling is one of the best experiences one can do. For one; as you are alone, you have complete freedom to roam between places at your own convenience. Moreover, solo traveling also helps you to find peace especially if you wish to be left alone. However, making friends is one of the best activities solo travelers should look forward to. If you happen to be traveling solo, then consider these tips that will help you to make new friends and make your journey more fun.

  1. While Traveling – If you are traveling by a flight, train or bus and going to take a long time to reach the destination, then consider talking to the person sitting next to you. This way your journey stays less boring and more fun.
  2. Activities or Trips – You can always ask the other person about their list of likes on trips or activities. This way you can come with a plan for doing a trip or activities together. It can be a simple picnic to bungee jumping.
  3. Staying in Hostel – Hostels are now the very best thing when it comes to accommodation. For one; thanks to the availability of communal or common rooms, you are bound to find many travelers hanging out. Moreover, hostels have pubs where during the evening, everyone comes together to have a great time. Or you can simply stay inside the dorm rooms and play a few board games or chat with other travelers.

These tips will surely help you to make a few friends especially while staying in hostels of Indonesia.

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