Bareboat Charter With Children

Boating with family or children not just about having fun with the family; also about learning new things and skills, experiencing new port, enjoy the fun of fishing, and swimming. However, when the family is with children, parents and caregivers need to take some special care, especially in relation to their safety. Here are a few tips.


Preparation is essential for bareboat charter Croatia. The first thing parents should do is to set the right expectations with the kids. Children should be prepared about movement on the boat, about getting wet, share things with their siblings, and above all safety. It would be much handier if the children know to swim. However, if they are not already, make how the jacket must be prepared every time.

If the children’s first experience with a boat, it’s better that they get the hang of it at a local marina. Also, in addition to security (the most important), children can learn a lot during boating.

Children’s safety when sailing

To ensure maximum safety of children during Croatia bareboat yacht charter experience, they must be equipped with jackets and sailing gear. While onboard, children should wear lifejackets at all times. This is very important when they do not know how to swim. Children can have teeth the same boat as their parents and other adults. their equipment may include gloves, non-slip shoes, sunglasses, hat, UV protective clothing and of course sunscreen to avoid sunburn and tan. Children must explain why all this is important so that they do not reject it.

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