How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Fast

fitness trainer for weight lossSet your sight on the target. Really aim and put the crosshairs on your target and BURN that image in your brain.

Let’s say your target is to lose 5 extra pounds. Alrighty then…  it looks like this…

Goal: 5 pounds.

Price to Lose 5 pounds: Change some habits, do some exercise, and eat right.

Now, let’s pay the price…

We are going to give ourselves 5 weeks to do this. This is very conservative and very doable with the help of an online fitness trainer

You are a man, 5’10. You determine your weekly caloric load to be 12,000 calories (counting your calories weekly makes it easy to stay on track and harder to screw up).

You have had a change at work and you need to work overtime the next 4 weeks.  This is already a wrench in your system as you were excited to eat some iron every night after work. Now you are too pooped to do so. You want to keep a nice athletic look when you lose weight, so you determine that you need to somehow find a way to workout.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise…

God how you hate to get up early! You hit snooze 3 times as it is now. This is going to suck… however, something changes in you this time as you look at your target, and look at your price. You know it has to be done, so you decide to put the alarm on the other side of the room, so you have to wake up and physically walk across the room to turn it off, with a picture of a what you want to look like you printed of the internet or magazine taped above the alarm so when you are forced to turn it off, you remember why you set yourself up (for success by creating time) this way.

OK… so now you begin your home workout routine, since you do not have time to go to the gym before work. You have your trusty little stop watch and have programmed in your mind that every time you hear it go off, you begin your next set. This keeps you from daydreaming and being unproductive.

You finish your workout, grab your cooler of deliciously prepared foods, so that at least you enjoy what you eat and aren’t forced to the employee vending machine because that used to be your only option, and head off to work.

Way to Go! Not only have you put yourself in an awesome frame of mind by getting up early and accomplishing a life goal of yours (staying healthy), you are in such a good mood because of it that you are much more productive at your day job. This is a high you can live on!

During your break after the third week, you realize you will hit your goal in about 5 days, instead of two weeks. You know this because it only takes you a second to weigh yourself in the morning and a 10-15 minutes to prepare your foods the night before, so you don’t have to count calories (because counting calories sucks). Mission accomplished.

OK, I know that was short and fluffy, but it does illustrate good points.

1. Figure out your goal. Easy… at least most of the time. I often ask what people want, and sometimes get a nice little hesitation.

2. Finding out the price. Enough said.

3. Pay the Price. This is the hard part for all of us for so many reasons. A big part of that is that your goal is a moving target and you need to adjust. In fitness, we all know about calories in/calories out, setting realistic goals, and all the textbook advice that goes along with it. If we could only follow it, America would not be the fattest nation.

This is why you need to learn to be more flexible in our approach. A GREAT question for any start is…

“What’s stopping me?”

…in the example above it was two things; a hectic work schedule; and a tendency to eat whatever is available because of that schedule thereby not knowing how much you’re eating.

However, do you see how our guy adjusted? It was quite beautiful actually. In was a nice example of everyday zen where our guy worked with what he had instead of fighting it. Why do you think jiu-jitsu is such an effective martial art? The same reason.

When you reach the point that you are truly ready for change, nothing will stop you when you learn to work with your life rather than fight it.

In the example above our guy had a short-term goal and enough self-discipline to make it happen. He was excited enough at the start and was still able to follow through.

What if you need to lose 20 pounds or have trouble staying on track because your mind is worried about bills, family, or whatever?  If you don’t hold yourself accountable… who will?

People will speed and break all kinds of traffic laws to get to work on time in fear of being fired. People will also *instantly* stop breaking traffic laws and act like they are driving Mrs. Daisy the moment they see a cop. People will also pay their taxes by April 15th in fear that the long arm of the IRS will hunt them down and break their kneecaps!

Partially, we are talking about people who need help with discipline. This is not bad at all or embarrassing, this is part of the price you have to pay, learning and accepting your motivational values and then finding a way to make them work for you.

So, if people conform to outside standards to just get through life, why don’t they set up their life the same way?

Why can’t you find a way to hold yourself accountable to your goals? You can. You just need to ask how you can do it.

If you find yourself in the latter category, and need help with life, not just another exercise program, then accept it and get help. No shame in that. I always ask for help from as many people as I can.

If you’re having trouble with that question let me help you.

Do you like how you look in the mirror?

Answer: No

Have tried numerous times before to change it?

Answer: Yes

If this is the case, I very highly recommend David’s advanced Boot Camp program. Before I even started this site, I was recommending David’s products and programs to my friends and family, so I can in very good faith recommend to my readers as well.

David is a not just a team beachbody coach, but a lifestyle coach. Is he good? Well, do you think a 91% success rate is good? All other popular diet programs and diet centers success rate is about half that.

No offense to David, but he isn’t the best salesperson. He focuses his time and energy on his products instead making a half-ass product and trying to sell it to you with a ton of sales emails everyday. He is not going to spam you or twist your arm to join… in fact, you are going to have to prove to him that you are ready if you want to join his boot camp.

I cannot stress enough that this is a lifestyle program, not another twist on calorie counting or exercise. You will get a  much deeper understanding of yourself and really learn what it takes to accomplish anything- specifically tailored on you and your and life. You will also make very good friends for life as going through such an experience with others  in the same boat as yourself forms bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.

You will understand on an emotional level, how to make change happen in all areas of your life and wonder why the heck you were limiting yourself all these years.

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